Sphere Fantasy

A photographic image of a doll from one of my paintings is combined with a watercolor painting on handmade paper.
Deborah Sherman Fantasy Watercolor and collage
Taste and the Flowers Tapestry
Watercolor and collage

This image is a watercolor study of a figure from the tapestry "Taste"( from "the Lady and the Unicorn" series in the Cluny in Paris) collaged with photographic images of flowers from my paintings.
Deborah Sherman Fantasy Collage
White Dreams Of Love (Section one of Diptych)

A cropped photo of a portrait I painted in acrylics Is combined with a myriad of found images to render the sensation of a dream.
Deborah Sherman Fantasy Painted photocopy
Colors of a Nightmare (Section Two of Diptych)
Painted photocopy

Brilliant colors of gouache were added to a black and white image of a collage to create an abstract sensation of mystery..
Deborah Sherman Fantasy Collage and watercolor
In My Dreams (first in series)
Collage and watercolor

Photo images from my oil paintings of flowers and a figure are combined with watercolor painting to create a collage fantasy...
Deborah Sherman Fantasy Photo and watercolor on handmade paper
Interior Dream
Photo and watercolor on handmade paper

A section of a photographic reproduction of one of my painting s is layered on a watercolor painting to create an enigmatic image.